Criminal Law

Have you been arrested and charged with a crime?

If you have been, you are now within Michigan’s justice system and will move through the established process of determining your guilt or innocence.

When hearing or reading the term ‘criminal law,’ people often think that it’s merely a system that serves as punishment for offenders, eventually serving them the need to be addressed as criminals. However, criminal law is made up of court guidelines and rules that are also subject to the law of the states and the nation as a whole. Such rules and guidelines exist to ensure that the alleged offenders or alleged criminals can receive fair treatment and sentence if and when proven guilty.  However, not all are guilty of the crime they are charged with.  Some are only guilty of lesser charges and some are not guilty of any charges.

Criminal defense attorneys are the lawyers who specialize in this particular kind of law. They make sure that constitutional rights are still practiced and upheld to everybody who needs it. For this reason, among others, it’s vital that a person accused has immediate access to a reliable and professional criminal defense lawyer to ensure that his/her rights as a citizen won’t be abused or taken for granted.

A criminal defense attorney will work to make sure that you understand the entire legal process, that you’re treated fairly and will work to protect you from the charges which you are accused of.

What classifies a criminal statute?

There is somehow a misconception or common confusion between a civil and criminal offense. These are two different types of cases and are entirely separate from one another. Civil cases are conflicts or disputes between citizens about their legal duties and responsibilities to each other.

Criminal cases, on the other hand, are cases that are filed against a citizen for violating criminal statutes. The dispute is submitted and pursued by a prosecutor and is also legally authorized to decide for a prosecution.

Several criminal charges may be filed against a suspect such as the following:

  • Theft
  • Robbery
  • Fraud
  • Physical Assault
  • Sexual Assault
  • Homicide
  • Drug Posession
  • Drug Manufacturing or Trafficking
  • Perjury


The basic criminal procedure

When a criminal case is filed against you, the first procedure that will take place is the arrest.  As terrifying as it could be, an arrest needs to happen as part of the process. Keep in mind, though, that this should be done legally and that your criminal lawyer has been informed about it.

Following the arrest, the next phase will commence, which is the criminal trial. All defendants reserve the right to undergo a speedy trial, and in case the prosecutor is not able to provide that, the charges may be dismissed. As the trial takes place, it is presumed that the defendant remains innocent unless proven otherwise. If a guilty sentence is given, the defendant can still choose to file for a post-trial motion or an appeal.

The last stage is the sentencing, which happens after a suspect has been convicted of the crime. This is where the punishment will be imposed by the court, which may be in forms of community service, fines, probation, and incarceration. The severity of the sentence or punishment will depend on the weight of the misdemeanor or felony committed.

Why hire a reliable criminal defense attorney?

Laws exist to regulate society and its citizens, but then, laws can never have the ability to enforce themselves. This is where the police force comes in, to make sure that society remains protected at all times, such as when someone has to be arrested. But, just because someone has been accused of a crime, does not make them guilty of that crime.  In the United States all persons are assumed innocent until they are proven guilty.

Your defense attorney will be there to see to it that your rights as a citizen and as a suspect remain intact and unabused. He or she will make sure that you will not get a sentence for something that you are not guilty of. The US constitution guarantees that all of its citizens facing criminal charges will be given representation without delay or excuses.

Having an experienced criminal lawyer means your rights will be protected, as stated by the law. It ensures that you have access to a fair trial while ensuring that an effective legal strategy will be devised. When your lawyer knows what he is doing, you have a higher chance of being acquitted.

Finding the best criminal defense attorney in Michigan

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