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Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Practice Areas

We offer legal representation in a variety of legal practice areas.  It is extremely important to find an attorney with the experience and ability to fight for you.


Child Custody

Everyone is concerned when families are ast risk of breaking up. This not only holds true for the family members themselves, but also for the others. The lawmaking body of the Mich

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Estate Planning

Estate Planning Attorney – Legal Assistance With Your Assets A study, conducted in January, asked more than 1,000 respondents whether they had estate-planning documents in ca

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Divorce Lawyer

It's never easy. But, the time may come when a divorce is necessary. If that time ever comes, you need a divorce lawyer who is able to stand up for you. You need someone who can

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Parenting Time

Parenting Time Attorney – Protecting Your Rights With Your Children Once a couple decides to separate or get a divorce, they will need to go through several legal processes.

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DUI Attorney

Have you been arrested for drunk driving or impaired driving? Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a common problem within the United States. These cases involve not

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Child Support Lawyer

Child support can be a complicated issue in the state of Michigan.  Often, a child support lawyer will be involved to help you navigate the legal process. Child support is a paren

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Drug Crimes Attorney

Have you been charged with drug crimes? If you have been, you need a drug crimes attorney who can help…right now! Drug-related crime is a violation of state or federal drug l

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Criminal Defense Attorney

When You Should Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney One of the most upsetting experiences can be facing a criminal charge. It’s a risk to one’s family, job, and the future

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Auto Injury Attorney

Auto Injury Attorney – Best Attorney to Protect Your Rights You may have witnessed a car accident in person or on television.  But, what happens when the auto accident invol

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Family Law Attorney

Issues involving family can be sensitive and life altering. You need an experienced professional on your side to help guide you through complex laws that can impact your family and

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Criminal Law

If you have been charged with a crime, the idea of facing jail time can be daunting. Give us a call today to insure that you have a strong legal team by your side. In criminal case

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Personal Injury

Have you been injured in an accident? Have you missed any time at work? Do you have medical expenses? You may be entitled to compensation. We work with insurance companies and busi

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Bankruptcy Attorney

If you are in a dire financial situation and you're considering bankruptcy as an option call us today. Mr. Coogan will sit down with you and discuss all your options. Call us today

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